04 February 2009

Ahhh- Liam has had such a good week. And it's only Wednesday! I was so proud to show him off to Cathy yesterday morning because she hadn't seen him lifting his body off the floor. She loved it- as I knew she would, because she just introduced this skill to him! I counted this morning while he held his head up and arms straight off the floor and it was for over a minute! Thats really amazing because he couldn't do that even two weeks ago. I can't tell you how happy I am!

We saw the neurologist yesterday and the appointment went well. Dr. B said that Liam looked really good, will continue to have problems for a bit with head control and that she won't assign a name to his version of CP for a long time because there's no reason to, not sure yet what he has and because it won't make a difference anyway. For anyone who isn't aware, CP (cerebal palsy) is a broad term for the inability for the brain to properly talk to the muscles. There are several types of CP and they all range from mild to severe.

We are headed to VA tomorrow and will be visting with our ABM therapist. I have mentally commited to two more trips and will reevaluate the therapy after that. Please pray with me that we will be able to see differences in Liam after doing the 9 therapies this weekend. I have wondered if Liam is too young to benefit from it but since he is now pushing up off the floor I am hoping we can help him make some new muscle/brain connections and get him on a learning curve!

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