06 February 2009


Please- read this article. It is so disturbing in so many ways and I can't begin to comment on all of it right now. My son is a surviving 23 weeker. And what I think disturbs me the most is that "both" sides of the debate are aghast at the behavior. I can't understand why the left is "aghast"! Instead of killing the baby by tearing it from the womb and dismembering it, this baby died from it's early birth. Did it die a less than heroic death because it wasn't dismembered? That's the lefts view?? I don't understand society anymore...


And I don't mind a healthy debate but look at this situation from a clear, open mind. How on earth is a child killed by being thrown away any less humane than being dismemebered? They are the same thing.

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Sassy said...

Jennifer this just sickens me. To know that baby was just one week away from "viability" and just a couple of weeks shy of being born with little to no long term problems is just so sad. I know that what the clinic did was wrong but in this case however I really feel the mother should have some accountability. If she really didn't want the baby why on earth did she wait so long? And if she was willing to get to 23 weeks why not just have the baby and give it up for adoption?!?!!? I will just never understand the depths of some peoples selfishness. Truly, truly sad. :(