30 January 2009

I am so proud of my little Liam and wanted to brag. This first photo is of him using his arms to push his chest off the floor and to get his head up! He JUST started to do this this past week. I am so very proud of him. I am only holding his left arm in this photo in order to steady him! He is trying to see his new toy in front of him.
And this photo may not look like much but it is a big deal. Liam is eating face up in my arms just like you would regularly cradle a baby to feed it. Liam has NEVER eaten like that. He normally lies cradled in my arms but he is chest to chest with me and his head is cocked back on the crook of my arm so that his head is in the CPR position. Very strange, but it was the only way he could coordinate and organize himself to eat. He has a very weak suck and with the coordination he could never get the hang of eating like this. He still isn't great at it but he's doing it!!


Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting the pictures...love them. So proud of your little man! We are praying for him (and fam) during our late night feeds. "We" being me and Levi...Fred is sleeping. : ) Love you guys!


Ashley J. said...

That is such an accomplishment! I know Cathy is really proud.