12 January 2009

Yea! Liam's up over 15 lbs finally. So, no talking about any tubes for feedings since he is still gaining even though it is slowly. Our Dr wasn't concerned about Liam's lower fluid intake with formula since he does get pureed foods as well. Calorie wise he gets more than he did before we started solids due to the fact that we add butter. So, for now, we just keep plugging on! I'm very thankful he eats from a spoon now because I know he wouldn't have gained weight if he was still only taking a bottle.

I'm giving a shout out to my awesome PT who said lovely things about Liam this week. Cathy said he was smart (which every mom wants to hear whether your child is disabled or not) and she said he moves really well. She's very positive anyway but it was nice to hear those things this week. Especially as Liam approaches his 1 year corrected age and he still can't hold his head up. But there are people I know whose children didn't hold their heads up until close to 1 1/2-2 years so I know it can take time for some. I just wish it didn't for Liam!

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