16 March 2009


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The picture above shows how Liam has these adorable curls on the left side of his head in the back that just keep getting longer and how on the right side the hair is shorter and straight. Too cute, huh? He still has infant reflexes and when he grabs his hair he doesn't let go so when he gets a hold of those curls he hangs on for dear life! This week he grabbed his left ear and held on so he tight he cut a huge gash into it from his nails!

And I neglected to mention that Liam has been home from the NICU for 1 YEAR as of March 11th! WOO HOO!!! The day just went by and I realized on the 12th that the one year mark had come and gone. I will post tomorrow some photos of then and now so you can see just how little he started out at home and how big he really is now!

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Rebecca said...

what in the world?? Your post is all symbols!! Miss you guys..love you!