22 April 2009

I have laid Liam in front of my lap top once before to see if he would like to "watch" a Baby Einstein video. This was a while ago and not only did he show zero interest in it, he couldn't keep his head up or body coordinated well enough to benefit from the experience. With the addition of his glasses and better head control I thought I would try it today.

I laid him on his tummy on his work out bench, inclined it a bit on a towel and laid the lap top in front of him. I turned on the video and Liam started laughing right away at the lamb puppets on the screen. I wondered if it was just the baaa sounds they were making that was making him giggle or if it was the picture or both. The screen then moved on to a baby and Liam continued to laugh. The most enjoyable moments for him though were clearly when the puppets came on the screen. Every time they were on, he would laugh.

It was such a happy moment for me for so many reasons.
  1. He could see the video and it was over a foot away.
  2. He could distinguish between which images he liked.
  3. He was lifting his head to see them.
  4. He was following the images on the screen.
Not only was his ability to see them from a distance tear provoking, it was the thought that he couldn't see much at all a few months ago that made it so special! He has really come a long way with his vision. And the fact that he was making a preference for which images he laughed at, was just so cool.

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23 weekers said...

How exciting! I can't imagine how you must feel. It would bring tears to my eyes, too. Way to go Liam!

Rebecca said...

Love it!!! Hope to see you guys on Sunday!!