26 April 2009

We haven't been back to Virginia for Liam's ABM therapy sessions since December. We did attempt a go at a full weekend of sessions in January but Liam came down with a wicked fever within hours of getting there and we only did one session before I decided I needed to get back home with him. I knew he wouldn't get much out of the session when he was so uncomfortable and in case he was really sick I wanted to be near our Dr.

Of all the times that Liam has been sick with a high fever (only 3) was when we were in Virginia (all 3 times).
So, you can imagine my trepidation as we embark this week on another trip to Virginia!

I have to go again (therapist's policy requires me to reschedule our canceled sessions or be billed for them) but I am a bit nervous about the trip. I
am looking forward to going though. I am curious how Liam will do with the trip, how he will do with the therapy and... I get to go shopping!

I know Liam has changed quite a bit since we were last there so it will be exciting to see if he responds and makes any new changes.
I am making sure the hotel is thoroughly sprayed down with Lysol when I get there and I plan on turning on the air to circulate the germs through a window for a bit before I actually allow Liam in.

Liam is such a good kid but when he gets to feeling bad he can be a bear!
He is so difficult and he resorts to horrible posturing. Liam actually isn't feeling well today so I am hoping he is getting it out of his system before we go! We tried to go to our BFG (bible fellowship group) get together today and we didn't even last an hour. He cried the entire time and wouldn't comply with anything I tried to get him to do.

It might have been the heat that was getting to him because when we got in the car and turned on the air he seemed to feel so much better. And I think Liam is getting tired of being carried for long periods of time. Granted, he didn't feel well yesterday either, but he made a huge fit in Wal-mart and he didn't care at all for his new Ergo carrier.
And since we were in the back yard of someone's house today and he was pitching a fit, my only options were to try to carry him and console him in my arms. And I think he has just had enough. He likes life better when he is stretched out on the floor.

Liam is really doing pretty good now with his side lying skills. He is much looser than when Carla first started ABM with Liam and even though Liam still isn't getting his head up and under control he is getting stronger with everything! So, I am looking forward to our trip and keeping my prayers going for a weekend in Virginia with no sickness! It would be the first time!

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Tiffany said...

How did you like the Ergo carrier? Randy can sit up, but has a weak trunk so he tires easily. He is getting heavy so his carrier hurts my back. They are pretty expensive, but will be worth it if they are comfortable. I don't expect him to walk anytime soon.

Only the Sheppards said...

Praying for a fever-less trip! Good luck!

23 weekers said...

Somehow I missed your post with the new stander. Carver got one and it seems to really be helping with his neck/head control. He also has a rifton chair that he can sit in that helps with his head control. It has support for his torso and a seat belt and tray to play with toys.

PS: I love the new glasses. Too cute.

BusyLizzyMom said...

Good Luck with ABM and I hope everone stays healthy. I pretty much quarantine Elizabeth before we see Ramon for her CME therapy. I sanitize the hotel room too when we get there.