22 April 2009

The world becomes a much smaller place when you start blogging. You can become friends with strangers with one little comment. You get to know these people sometimes better than local friends as they pour their hearts our in their posts. Bloggers can share private thoughts and let you get a closer glimpse of their true hearts and lives. Their lives seem similar to yours and you can talk with the touch of a button. It makes this world seem so much closer.

I have followed the blog of a fellow NC mom and dad and their harrowing journey through the NICU with their daughter Kayleigh

Kayleigh needed one final big surgery to get her on the track to going home finally, but it looks like something horrible has happened and she might be "brain dead" following the surgery. She isn't waking up. They don't know what went wrong. Please visit their blog and say a few words of encouragement. When you are blogging your life, the littlest comments can be the most meaningful.

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