04 June 2009


Liam has sensitive skin and just pulling a piece of tape off his skin brings him to tears. Sometimes, when I pull off his bib and accidentally get a hair or two in my fingers he cries. He doesn't like pain in any form at all. So, when I saw this:

I was a bit upset.

My baby sitter was bent over Liam and talking to him while he was in his stroller today and unfortunately his gum popped right out of his mouth and into Liam's gorgeous hair. Yes, those red marks in the photo is where the gum got stuck. And stick well is what it did. I tried to pull off as much as I could and this is what was left after my attempts. Liam spent the whole day with it in his hair because I didn't have the time to get it out and I didn't want to cut it. So tonight I saturated his hair in olive oil and after it soaked in I was able to scrape the rest of it out.

And Liam didn't make one peep!

Oh, and the baby sitter? Ian is fired.


I got to thinking.

Out of pure curiosity...

And I wondered who all has come across Liam's journey and how.

I know we have a lot of anonymous followers and that's fine. I like to anonymously follow blogs too. Sometimes you follow and never feel the need to comment and sometimes you follow just because you can relate in some way and look forward to checking in to see how their journey is going. Sometimes it's because they are a friend of a friend of a friend.

But I keep wondering at who everyone is. Who visits? Why? It's so much fun for me to check into the blog and see that in one day I've had 100 hits. Places I've never heard of pop up on our location map and I wonder what your story is and how you came across our story. And I wonder what keeps you coming back to Liam (assuming you come back). Well, I know he is adorable...

Anyway. Would you mind leaving me a comment? You can remain anonymous. But would you answer a couple of questions for me?

How did you find us?
Where are you coming from?
What keeps you following Liam/us?

I'm just curious.

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K said...

Hi, I'm Kristin.

How did you find us? Hmmm...I think I linked to it from another blog, but it's been a while and I forgot which one.
Where are you coming from? Upstate NY
What keeps you following Liam/us? Being a twin and a preemie myself I find it interesting learning about other preemies and twins and preemie twins. Plus it's just cool to come here and read all about the progress he is making...and seeing cute new pics!

gagglefamily said...

Score! First to post a comment! Yes!

Only the Sheppards said...

As a little sister who constantly had gum in her hair (altho my brother did it on purpose)... Hurray for firing Ian!!! It's a victory for little brothers and sisters everywhere!!! :)

I dont recall now how I came across your site. I had been searching everywhere for someone who had been in a smiliar circumstance to ours, and when I came across your blog I thought I had hit the jackpot :) I keep coming back because Liam is so stinking cute and you're a mom that gets it, and understands, and your lack of a woe-is-me attitude is inspirational and helps me to deal with any new things that come along. So, thanks :)

Hopeful Mother said...

hi there... I don't remember how I found you.

I have 20 mo old twin boys - one who has been diagnosed with a "mild" form of hypotonic CP.

I am SB area, CA.

Dawn Morda said...

I found you because you left us here in California so we had to keep up on you some how.
I come from Ventura, Ca. You know that place you left all your friends.lol
I keep coming back because I love you guys.

Jennifer said...

Hi, I am Jennifer :)

I found your blog through another preemie blog. I am from Washington state, and I keep following Liam/you because most preemie stories are of great interest of me because I plan to be a NICU nurse when I get older. Plus, he has CP, and I have a sister with CP...I like to hear about progress and give comfort when things are tough with that situation.

Looking forward to continuing to follow his journey!

Anonymous said...

I found you through "dax's personal assistant" which I found through "Crystal and Courtney" (Army Twins)...C&C's mom worked at my daughter's daycare.
We have twin boys, I keep coming back because the picture that first comes up on your sites page bears a STRIKING resemblence to our littlest twin "R". Uncanny really.

Anonymous said...

How did you find us? I'm from TMMB

Where are you coming from? around the Atlanta, GA area (although I do have family in Raleigh, NC with an uncle who is in ICU at Duke right now)

What keeps you following Liam/us? I don't post often here, because I don't want to upset you (being from TMMB and all). I just follow your blog because for some reason Jesus has put it on my heart and I prayed a lot for you the first year of Liam's life. I still pray for you often. I really like to hear about Liam and still get chills when I think of his picture from when he was first born and how he looks today. He really has come so far.

You amaze me and if all I can do is offer my prayers, then I hope that it helps just a little.


Unknown said...

Hi I'm Kate

I found you on Twins Motherboard, I also have twins 19 months born 33 weeks. They are great now but I was so worried I read everything I could on other premmies and conditions. I live in Colorado but return to the UK quite often as all my family are there (just in case you were wondering who your UK follower was). I love reading about Liam and the progress he is making, I think you are a great Mom and a very strong character. Sending you positive thoughts.

Michele said...

I don't know how I found you.I think I was looking at blogs about micro preemies and yours pop up. But I am very glad it did, because our stories are so close, I feel a special "type of blogger bond" with ya. I had twins at 23 weeks, one passed away one survived. And the similarities go on. I love reading your blog and love hearing how Liam is doing!!!
I am blogging from Cleveland, Ohio.