10 June 2009


I had jury service on Tuesday morning that I wouldn't have minded going to if Liam still wasn't sick. It was a civil trial so it was going to be short and done in one day. My kind of trials, for sure. I did ask to get out of it when I got there and the clerk said that if I could just wait around until they started picking jurors that I might be able to be dismissed and I would be done for two years. I decided to wait. I had already postponed it once before and I didn't want to postpone it again because they only postpone it for a few weeks and then your due back in.

I got picked for the jury. But the defendants attorney was very kind and when I told him I would like to be home with my inconsolable baby he let me go. Very considerate.

While I was waiting around watching jurors get dismissed, my mom ran Liam over to our pediatrician again. He still was not doing good and was actually acting worse. He woke up crying and if he was awake, that was all he would do. And when he fell asleep he wouldn't stay that way for very long.

They checked his blood counts again and they all still looked good but there was a shift showing that what ever he was battling was viral.

I had only been giving Liam Tylenol and apparently that wasn't good enough to really kick him out of his high fever pain. I got some Motrin and that finally got him to quit crying. He still wasn't feeling well but he wasn't miserable so it was a bit of progress nonetheless.

He has spent the last 4 days feeling miserable. He normally loves his baby yoga. We do it first thing every morning and he hasn't let me do them with him since he got sick. He wouldn't even smile. None of our regular tricks would work.

But this afternoon, he finally seemed to break free of his funk. He smiled again. He squealed again and seemed to enjoy life again. I'm praying this virus is on it's way out of his system.

I know I've said this before, but it just amazes me every time it happens. Liam is such a happy go lucky, easy going guy. He smiles all the time and he loves to play and he just takes things as they come. But when he is sick, he is a completely different baby and it is so hard to take care of him. I always appreciate Liam and his personality but it is a sobering reminder of how great he is when he suffers like he did this last week. And it makes me realize how badly he must be feeling when I go 4 days with out a smile from him.

A friend of mines daughter has been feeling miserable too and it's just so hard to take care of our special little ones when they are sick.

Be careful. Some nasty viruses are still floating around this spring.

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Michele said...

First off, boooo on jury duty. Secondly, I hope Liam gets back to his old self soon! Somehow, this time of year ALWAYS gets Kenny and the rest of my kids sick! There are some nasty viruses out there!
So you do baby yoga with Liam...that is so cute...he probably loves getting his muscles stretched!

23 weekers said...

So glad to hear that Liam is starting to feel better. Winter was a piece of cake compared to the current bugs going around.