28 October 2009

Costume confusion

Is it bad that I still have no idea what Liam is going to be for Halloween?

Liam's friends think he should go as Harry Potter. I guess his sweet little glasses and a little lightening bolt would make a simple and adorable costume, but I didn't think it would be right with out having a cloak to go with it. And since we couldn't find any Harry Potter costumes in Liam's size, he'll just have to wait and be Harry another year. When we can do it right.

Maybe he should go as a vampire. They seem to be all the rage these days.

I am not liking the holiday as I usually do since he can't sit up. But soldier on we must and I think I will dig through our old box of Halloween costumes and see what I can find. If anything, it will make for fond memories and at best, Liam will have a cute little pumpkin or bee or bunny outfit to wear for Saturday night.

And yes, boys can dress as bunnies.


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