27 October 2009

Huge things

Time has gotten away from me over the last week and I have been unable to post like I usually do! My apologies to my faithful 27 followers!! I shall not let you down again.

First things first:


Thank you to the following people who have helped Liam by donating this past week:

  • Kristin Quail
  • Dawn Morda
  • Christi Salzsieder
You all are awesome. Really.

I can't believe Liam and I are leaving this coming Sunday for his first round of HBOT! The time has flown by since we decided to give this oxygen stuff a try and I am excited to see what changes God has planned for Liam.

Although the rest of the family is sad to see us leave for so long (24 days), I am praying the strain will all be worth it. It isn't wrong to expect the unexpected. Because God is able to do much more than I can imagine. And I love surprises.

Like this one:

Liam decided on Thursday, the day before I left with my hubby to go out of town with friends for three days, that he would start lifting his head up while I carried him on my hip.

I was afraid that while I was gone, he wouldn't be doing it when I got back. But sure enough, I carried him around today and he was lifting his head up all by himself!

This is HUGE people!

Normally, he will snuggle in close on my shoulder and not lift his head, tucking it down and keeping his chin on his chest. Or, when he does decide to lift it, he throws it back too far and then has to try to get it back forward.

But today, he was lifting it, with control and holding it in a normal position and keeping the position for up to 10 seconds at a time. I know, you are thinking ten seconds isn't long.

But for Liam, it's HUGE!

He even had one time where he turned his head to look at his dad while keeping the noggin under control. I mean, really, this is very exciting news!

Did I mention this is HUGE?

Alright, alright, I'm moving on past the bragging....


Liam had to go in for his monthly, mostly semi random weight check ( I never seem to manage getting there monthly) and I was happy as a clam to see he had gained 3 ounces!

Yeah, yeah, what's 3 ounces you say?

Well, at least he didn't lose weight!

Sheez, can ya'll just be happy with me for once?

No, seriously though.

Liam has been vomiting a lot lately. His reflux has been rearing it's ugly head and literally roaring at us several times a day. With all of the calories that have not been able to make it to his colon, I had assumed Liam would have lost weight. So, it was with surprise and elation that I saw a 3 ounce gain! Yeah, Liam!

He also got two more of his 18 months shots. We should be caught up with those sometime after Christmas. When he's 2. But who's noticing?

And our lovely new (new to us, not new to the practice) pediatrician said she couldn't wait to see how things go for us at Miracle Mountain and that she wanted to see us back right away when it's all done. It was so wonderful to have her fully on board for these treatments considering the first ped in the practice I talked to was not for it at all.


I have more updates to come later.

Because I've got additional exciting news that must wait for their own post!

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