01 April 2010

Another Dr.

We met with a new Dr this past week. I know. I know. You are thinking just like I am...not another one???

Yup. This one was an orthopedist. I had been touted about how lovely a Dr he was a long time ago at our GI but that was when Liam was small. Cathy then mentioned that I should see him recently and I didn't put two and two together until right before hand that this was the same guy.

We had an uneventful appointment.

I liked him. He was a really good guy. He gave his email and said he always responds to emails so if we have any questions that we could ask at anytime.

But, he didn't have anything new to add to our information/routine/issues with Liam.

He said that Liam had athetoid CP, which I had heard before a very long time ago. Liam seems very athetoid like in nature yet he can relax and stop his movements and you can't do that with athetoid. So when he described his movements as athetoid, I said "Yes, but look at this." And then I proceeded to put my thumb in his mouth and he started sucking on it and quit all of his athetoid like movements. And then the Dr said, "Well, he has athetoid like movements until you do that."


No answers.

No new information.

So, we just trudge on.

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