19 April 2010

Counting down.

The countdown has begun and Liam and I will be leaving for Miracle Mountain in 13 days! This will be Liam's second round of hbot. We have a few more details to finalize; getting all the cash needed to go (costs went up for this year and they are a cash only business), getting all Liam's supplements, making sure the family here will be taken care of as best I can before I go, making sure we have all 100% cotton clothes (you'd think that would be easy, but alas, it is not in this day and age!) etc. etc.

I'm excited to go. I loved it in the mountains of NC when I was there in November. It's so beautiful and peaceful out there. And I will get to meet a fellow micropreemie mom who's story is very similar to mine in that her boys were born at 24 weeks and she also had to bury one of her sons. Her surviving son is afflicted like Liam is with CP and he does not have head control either. We have known each other since we were both pregnant and our sons were born only weeks apart. I will also get to see a young man and his dad who I dove with the last time, so I am very much looking forward to going.

If you could, please keep us in your prayers as we go. Specifically, that the oxygen would help Liam make even more changes in his physical and mental capabilities. He made so many neat changes the last time around. I know God is able and to that end I will continue to pray.

And as always, thank you so much for your support. Whether it's monetary, mental, or spiritual is irrelevant. It all means a lot.

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