12 April 2010

A new presence.

We have had an aid here in the house for the last two weeks. While it's a very weird feeling having someone here with me, it's been fairly easy to get used to because she's really helpful.

D comes to my home 3 days a week and is pretty much at my beck and call. If I need her to do laundry, pick up around here, or clean up anything, she's always ready and willing to do so. If I want to play with Liam, she will get busy doing things around the house and if I need to do anything apart from Liam, she will play with him while I am busy.

So far, it's been a good relationship.

And she was employee of the month last month!

Yay for me, because I wouldn't trust this bundle of smiles with just anyone. I've only left him with one other person besides my mom! And D is good with kids so I feel pretty good about her.

The kids have adjusted just fine to D being here as well. I think the hardest part is trying to remember not to schedule anything on the days she is here. We can't cancel too many days because Liam has to have the aid to have medicaid.

But for now, we are blessed and it is good to have the extra hands around here.

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