19 October 2010

It happened again.

Some of my long term readers may remember this post back in 2008. I was at a baseball game when a woman assumed Liam had Down's Syndrome. It irked me to no end and I blogged about how I felt. It brought about a few comments and got a discussion going about what I thought was an obvious difference between CP and Down's Syndrome and that people shouldn't make assumption and should apologize if they get it wrong.

While in Wal-mart today, the very lovely cashier was talking to me and commenting on how cute Liam was. She loved his shoes and was asking me where I got them. As I moved through the line and had now planted myself in front of the machine to pay, I watched her watching him. I knew something was coming, but I was prepared to answer any questions she might have. I welcome them. What I did not expect was another assumption that my son had a chromosomal disorder.

Cashier:  "He is so cute. My friend has a son that looks just like your son."

Me: Smiling.

Cashier: "He has Down's Syndrome, right?"

Me: Thinking (ARGHHH NO, Are you kidding me?!) But only saying a very flat, "No". Pause. "He has cerebral palsy."

Cashier: "Oh, he is so sweet."

I didn't bother to explain anything further and she didn't ask. I honestly wonder about these people. It's happened twice now and neither time has the person apologized for assuming a syndrome on my child. Honestly, although irritated at the labeling happening again, I am not angry over it. I am just absolutely flabbergasted.

If anything, I hope she doesn't automatically assume anymore that any child coming through with some sort of special needs, like Liam's, has Down's Syndrome.

I would have been so embarrassed had I been in her shoes.

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