28 October 2010

Taking a leap of faith. Again.

So...what's new?

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Who wants to be the first guinea pig and test it out?!?

Liam's therapists are awesome. They are always so encouraging and trying to help us think of ways to raise money or tell us how others have raised the money needed.

Well, I'm not at the spaghetti dinner, golf benefit type stage (believe or not I am shy about asking for help), but I do want to be bold and just put it out there that we are trying to raise money. Again. Yup.

Liam is stuck. As a therapist told me last week, "He's what I call one of the trapped children." Can you imagine if it was your child? You'd do everything to help them. It's maddening to know he's in there and he's trapped. I want to do everything I can to help Liam. Only I can't. I am not rich. I don't have the money. And as always, insurance won't pay for anything.

Stem cells (not embryonic) are healing kids with CP. I have first hand knowledge of stem cells helping these kids move beyond their deficits and get better. Miraculously better. Life changing better.

I always pray for a miracle for Liam. But what if we are supposed to step out in faith and use science to help heal him?

I knew, with out a doubt, that Liam was to undergo HBOT. And I watched God make that a reality for us. Liam still needs more. We've had to wait on them for various reasons one of which being because all of the previous donations were spent on the 80 dives he's received so far. We would not have been able to take Liam at all if it hadn't been for the donations of people like you. The people who still read the blog and pray for Liam and anticipate a miracle happening in his life. And guess what? Those 80 dives have helped Liam emerge a bit. He's using his arms, his receptive language has taken off, and he's gotten so much stronger.

What if we were able to expand upon his HBOT by adding stem cells. It would be his own cells. They would be extracted from his fat (some scientific doohickey stuff is then done to it) and it's reintroduced in order to have them migrate to the damaged areas of his brain and heal them. And it's helping these kids.

I want to give Liam that chance. If God wants us to give Liam that chance. So, I thought I'd start out asking here. And see if it could happen. Liam's worth asking for.

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