13 October 2010

Super Switch

I was talking to a friend about how Liam is now using switches to turn on toys and mentioned that I really wanted to get him a Super Switch but couldn't afford to buy one right now. A Super Switch is a wireless switch that attaches to your computer. It allows the button to be used as a mouse click. But it also becomes an interface and allows you to connect to more switches so it can be used as a stepping or selecting process.  The possibilities are endless and once a child gets cause and effect the learning can take off.

My friend sent me an email later that day and said that they wanted to buy Liam a switch (I love you guys)!!

We got Liam's switch and here is a video of him using it.

*This is a powerpoint that we set up with pictures of Liam's favorite book and our voices attached to each page.

How awesome is that?!  This little boy can't hold up his head at all, doesn't have any trunk strength, and is very uncoordinated, but he is finally getting the hang of using his arms. You can see how hard he works at it too.

Liam does gets cause and effect. He doesn't attempt to keep hitting buttons once a toy is on. And toys that need continual hitting (piano, etc) he will continue to hit. He's made a lot of progress in the last 6 months (since our last round of HBOT).

Now that he turns the pages of books on a computer, it will open up a whole new world for Liam.

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