03 January 2012

Christmas Goodies

New year, new goals: Post more than once every two weeks.

Christmas was amazing. It went too fast, as usual, but we eeked out every last bit of the day that we could.

Liam got a new swing:

It's large enough that he has a lot of growing room. The big kids can actually swing in this thing. It goes up to 150 lbs!

A laughing donkey:

This came from Hallmark and he doesn't have to press anything. He can just touch his hand over the belly and it giggles. It's perfect for special needs kids!

A remote control car:
Another good one from FP it is a large car that he just has to touch the ball on the roof and it will go.

A singing Elmo:
Liam loves Elmo and once we get this switch adapted he will be able to play with it by himself. For now he just tries to hug it.

And some clothes and other goodies including an iTunes gift card for fun new apps!

But Liam's favorite toy has been the donkey. He absolutely loves hearing this thing giggle.

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