16 May 2012

Just had to brag on my little man. We had our first session of therapy today with private speech since he had his T&A surgery and boy...
did he blow that session out of the park!

Ms. Becky placed a picture in front of Liam and then asked him to find the object on the tray (tray would have two items). She would, of course, change objects to find and change their location on the tray.

And he nailed it.

Every stinkin' time.

He had a perfect score today.



And did I mention he was fast? She would show the picture and he would immediately respond. Which is important because Liam has processing delays trying to figure out which arm to use, which direction to look with his eyes, and then getting the hand on to the top of the right object in the right direction on the tray....

He has to work so hard!

And I'm so, so proud of him!

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