25 May 2012

Pavlovian Pacifier

My husband, always a gadget and technology fan, found out about this new apparatus for getting micropreemies to eat. If it really works it would be a huge step in the right direction for helping out our special kids.

The costs involved in trying to get a micro to eat are staggering. Not only can the inability to eat extend their hospital stay at thousands of dollars per day, it can mean months and years of feeding therapy which insurance won't pay for. We are four years out with therapy at this point and no end insight with out intensive treatment. Which again, insurance won't pay for.

What a great idea this woman has created.

          Proprietary sensing, control and feedback algorithms are integrated into a discrete device that can be  calibrated to each baby's needs. The PAL® is wired to deliver a specifically timed lullaby each time the infant correctly sucks, meeting the preset pressure criteria.

I hope it truly changes the lives of preemies.

I know Liam could have been a candidate.  He had trouble from the beginning. His suck and swallow was always very weak. He tried so hard though. Who knows, maybe this tool could have changed all that for him.

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