26 July 2013

Looking back

It could be seen as petty, but one of the things I miss most about not having a neurotypical kid in Liam is the ability to take his picture.

Of course I can take smiley pictures all day long of him lying on the floor or sitting in his wheelchair. He smiles. A lot. But that's it. We can't go take pretty posed pictures at the park or the railroad track. No fun pictures of him with his siblings in silly poses. No family pictures hanging out at the river or the lake.

Looking at all the family poses repinned on Pinterest gets me melancholy because we can't ever do pictures like that. Liam can't ever pose for a photo.

I miss being able to huddle everyone together and snap a quick picture.

     Liam can't see where the camera is.
     He can't lift his head and hold it up to smile.
     He hits people in close vicinity because his arms fly up all the time which means nicely styled hair and outfits can quickly look wild.
     Sometimes he drools.

I concede that it's a small thing, but still something that isn't typical for us anymore.

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