06 February 2008

Feb 6, 2008

Still praising the Lord for Liam's progress... Liam is still only on 21% oxygen and they have now weaned the flow on his cannula from 2L to 1 1/2L. His weight gain is still slow but he is at least still gaining. We are up to 3 lbs 3 oz. Right now we are at a stand still and just waiting. Liam needs to grow and get stronger. He needs to get off the cannula and learn to eat on his own. We haven't tried that yet- learning to suck, swallow and breath is a big skill to aquire and hopefully soon he will be able to start trying it!
Prayers are for continued weight gain
Continued success with weaning the cannula
No setbacks or illness of any kind!

I would love to be home this month and with God all things are possible!

Thank you to all of you near and far and those I have never met who still believe in the power of prayer and lift Liam and our family up to the Lord!


Anonymous said...

We hope and pray you both are able to come home very soon!! Jen, We love and miss you!!

Anonymous said...

We will pray that you both get to come home this month. That would be so exciting! He is getting so much bigger and is SO cute. Awww!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, Have been keeping up with your posts and i thought i would finally leave a comment. :) I love liam he is wonderful, Would like to come see him soon. Lots of Love
Stacy S.