02 July 2008


I had him sitting on the table and while I was holding him I kept putting my face in front of his and smiling and talking to him. And he started smiling at me! He looked like he was trying to focus on me and would only do it for a few seconds. He would turn away then look back and smile at me again! It sure looked like he saw me! Oh my goodness- I hope it was real- cuz it sure seemed to be. My SIL is here and she saw him do it and thought he was looking at me to. Lord, please let them be real!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!
God, please let little Liam have good vision. Touch his eyes with your hand and heal anything that might not be right about them. Give him vision, Lord. I praise you that Liam is, as we all are, fearfully and wonderfully made by You. Thank you for the breath you breathed into little Liam to give him life. Let his life be as You have planned because I know you have a wonderful purpose for Him. In Jesus glorious name. Amen

Anonymous said...

YAY! That is WONDERFUL! I hope and pray that it continues to improve and that he is seeing you!

Anonymous said...

Every picture you post of him makes my eyes tear up-he has come so far and done so well. You always amaze me with your strength after all you have been through. I will keep praying everyday for his vision-he truely is a wonderful miracle in every way.