14 November 2008

We Made It!

We got to Virginia last night at a little after midnight. We left our home at 5:15 so the 5 hour trip ended up taking 7 hours due to a few stops to feed Liam, one bout of vomit and potty breaks for Aidan and Mimi! It's beautiful up here right now with all the leaves fallen. I didn't get lost, not even once! The hotel is only a couple of miles from Carla's house and I think I've gotten the hang of the area here.

Liam had two good therapy sessions today. I went to the first one skeptical and expecting to get nothing different out of it but by the end of it I was glad we had come. The therapy was fully hands on the entire session and not once did she force Liam into a postion that he didn't get into on his own. That's a HUGE difference from our regular therapy. Not that our regular therapy is wrong- it's just different.

Our evening session went really well and Liam had Carla getting him into cute positions with his hiney in the air like a big boy. When he was done- he was DONE. I don't know what has gotten into him lately but the last few days he has not been my happy, little boy. I think the reflux has damaged his throat, making it sore and contributing to his gag reflex. Liam is normally great for his PT but on Thursday he didn't want to work with Cathy at all. That was unusual. He hasn't been smiling as much lately either. After 3 days on his very low dose of Prevacid I called the Dr back and told them he needed to take a stronger dose. My Dr wasn't in and they asked if I could wait until the next day when he was back. I told her no. They needed to have the Dr that was in call me back because I wasn't going to wait any longer. They agreed to let me give him a full dose of 15 mg 1 time a day or split that dose and give it to him twice a day. I opted for the once a day because the medicine is supposed to be given on an empty stomach and since I have to feed Liam all the time during the day there is not a second opportunity to get it in him. And kids with sever reflux, like Liam, can still get double that dosage if this one still doesn't kick it.

Liam had his first full dose today and he only threw up twice! That's huge! I don't know if it is the meds or just a fluke but I am praying that this continues. I have broken down in tears of anger and frustration over the puking in the last few days. It's such a downer to work so hard to get him to eat and then have him send it flying right back out. And like I said, he is so uncomfortable with it. I know I would be if I threw up 4-5 times a day!

My dad called me with bad news earlier. Our oven went out (no lights, no beeps, no heat) and our dishwasher isn't getting any water into it. Why does this have to happen when I am in VA and Shawn is in MO??? I told my Dad that I really would love to get new appliances for the kitchen but that I wanted to be able to afford them first. So he is going to have to figure out whats wrong and get it fixed (he has always been the epitome of a Mr. Fixit and if he can't fix it, it is completely broke).

Thank you Allison and Rebecca for praying for us. And everyone else who is on this journey with us. I can't imagine doing this all with out you.


Anonymous said...

We are excited to hear how today's sessions went. We love you guys!! Praying for you!

Cindy Inman said...

Hey girl! I'm sorry I'm just getting back in touch with you...Don't know if you rec'd my emails or not, but we have another little girl now - Ruthie is 4 1/2 mos. old! She is a sweetie! Asleep right now - so I'm taking advantage of a little me time.

So Liam is undergoing different PT treatment... Wow... He is so beautiful, as are all your kids... How is life?

Love ya!

Valeria said...

I think to you and Liam!!! I hope have a very good day and very good PT in Virginia!!!