26 November 2008


One year ago today my life changed in a dramatic way. One year ago today I was taking a bath about mid morning. When I got out I noticed a little blood (hardly anything, really). After losing Kyle Ann 9 months before, I didn't want to take any chances so I went in to the Dr and had him check me out. He said I looked good and the boys sounded great. I wanted to know what the slightly pink blood was from and he agreed that I should have an ultrasound. I then drove myself to the hospital, stopping to get lunch on the way. I called all the family and told them I was fine, not to worry and I would call and check back with them later.

When I got to the hospital they checked me into a room, hooked me up to the monitors and were keeping a close eye on me. I had no contractions and we waited around for the Dr to get over to the hospital so he could check me again. Before checking me he sent me down for the u/s. The tech was very quiet and he said the boys looked good. I asked him how my cervix looked and he said it was funneling and baby A was laying in the funnel. I knew right then that this was bad news. But, I figured they would keep me in the hospital and all would be just fine. When I got back to my room the Dr checked me again and this time my cervix had changed. When he saw the u/s results they decided to transfer me to a level 3 NICU hospital for fear that the boys would be born soon. I didn't believe them. They started iv's in me, gave me steroids and prepped me for a flight to Pitt hospital that is over an hour drive by car. I was more scared of the flight than I was of the boys being born!

By the time the helicopter got to me the weather had turned off bad and they couldn't fly me out. I had to take an ambulance (S-L-O-W!) and they wouldn't even turn on the lights because I wasn't that "kind of patient"!

When I got to Pitt, I was set up right away in a room and monitored again where by now I had started to have a couple of contractions. The contractions had started in the ambulance and were few and far between but I knew it wasn't good to be having them especially since I was funneling and now starting to dilate. It took a LONG time to get a Dr in to see me and when they finally got in and checked me, my sweet little Liam was thighs down and out into the birth canal. Because Liam was laying on my cervix, his amniotic sac was slipping right into the birth canal. The look on the Dr's face when he felt how far out Liam had come was one of pure fright. They called in the high risk Dr on call and he advised me that I should have a c-section. He left the decision up to me but said that Liam was so far down in the birth canal that if he broke the bag of waters he would be in a lot of distress and he would rather deliver 23 week twins in a controlled environment than in a stressful one. And it would be more stressful on Liam to be born breech.

I decided to go through with the c-section after he assured me there was nothing they could do to keep my boys in very much longer. Shortly after midnight in the very early morning hours of Nov. 27, Liam and Brady came into this world. Liam was baby A and he had wonderful apgar scores of 7 at 1 and 5 minutes. And he cried when he was born. Brady had apgars of 2 at 1 and 5 minutes. He remained silent. Brady survived for one day and succumbed to his premature, undeveloped lungs. I did not get the steroids early enough for them to have been any benefit to my sons. It's amazing that Liam did as well as he did and had scores as high as he did for a 23 week baby. The NICU staff was amazed at how well Liam did when he was first born because he presented more like a 25-26 week baby.

It has been a year that I would have never chosen for myself or my family. I believe that the Lord knows best, though. and that He has chosen this path for us to follow for a reason. I know that Liam brings so much joy to us and every time he smiles it is a miracle. Liam should not be here. He should not have survived being born at 23 weeks gestation. He should not have survived his infection he received in the hospital that was so life threatening they would have called us in to say goodbye had we not already been there with him. Liam's lungs made it through in great shape when he had a PDA that sent too much blood to them for almost 5 weeks.

Liam is a tough little boy with a smile that will melt your heart. He is a fighter. And he wouldn't be here on this earth if it wasn't all a part of God's plan.

We have high hopes and big dreams for what Liam will do. We believe that all things work for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes. And we believe that through God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Each day- I only have to look at my son to know how true this verse is.

Happy Birthday Liam and Brady!


Angie said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Liam!! Look how far you've come from that day! Amazing. You are such a fighter. Jen, I know the one year mark can be a bitter-sweet day, you're celebrating that he's come so far, but it can also bring back painful memories. Just concentrate and celebrate all the good things from this past year. I believe it only gets better!

PS, I love his giggle.

Anonymous said...

Love the new post and of course the video..adorable! Hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving and hope to see you soon!!

princedee said...

Jen, I am from the Mar/April twin board and I also read your blog often. I love to read how Liam is doing and what he has learned each week. I wanted to wish Liam and his brother Brady a very Happy 1st birthday. I feel like I know you and Liam. Thank you for letting me read your life story, you truly are supermom.

Thank you,
Marsha aka princedee
Twin mom to 9month old Chase and Hayden.

Michele said...

Wow! Happy Birthday to your miracle! I know EXACTLY what you are going through...I had my twins at 23 weeks with Nick passing at 2 days old and Kenny surviving.
I will be following your blog with much anticipation to all his firsts!