27 April 2009

Childhood Delight

One of the first times Liam ever laughed, one of those all out belly laughs, was when his Mimi was swinging with him on our swing set out back. I didn't hear it, but when I got a chance, I took Liam back out and started swinging with him too, in order to hear that angelic sound. Sure enough, he giggled and squealed as the motion of the swing took his tummy away.

Being vision impaired and loving movement are supposed to go hand in hand and Liam definitely likes to move. So, I knew this summer I wanted to get Liam his own swing. I went to Target and purchased the Little Tikes blue swing and eagerly set it up. I plopped Liam down in it and gave him a shove. And being the little peanut that he is, he was so small inside the swing and the swing had such a high , very straight, back that he fell forward in it and you could barely see him above the T-bar.

I was so disappointed.

Sometimes, it is easy to deal with Liam's disability and other times it can be so glaringly obvious that the world isn't geared towards his issues. I didn't think I would have to rig a swing just for him to sit in it and enjoy it. And clearly, with his head on his chest and nothing to see but a red T-bar, this wasn't going to be an enjoyable vestibular experience.

I started hunting down something that would work for him that wouldn't require a lot of intervention and rigging to make it usable and came across this swing at Amazon.

I ordered it, it came today and it is perfect! When I put Liam in it, he could sit up straight with out his head falling and with the slight recline position he doesn't droop forward when he is swinging! No rigging of this swing was necessary!! A normal, unadapted experience.

He started giggling right away which he didn't do in the other swing because he was so uncomfortable.

I was so happy for Liam to be able to enjoy such a simple childhood delight.

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K said...

Hello Jennifer! I've never introduced myself, but I've been reading your blog for a few months now. I'm so glad you found the right swing to make your sweet boy laugh...there's no better sound than the deep belly laugh of little kids. They really know how to do it right!!!

Liam looks adorable in his new glasses. How wonderful that he can see now!