13 May 2009

I've got to figure out how to take pictures and not get a glare on his glasses! I needed the flash though because the room was too dark with out it. If you know the trick, please let me know!

I love this photo because it shows off Liam's big toothy grin. I LOVE that he has only 1 top tooth. It's been that way for months. I think I'm gonna be really sad when the other top tooth comes in.

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23 weekers said...

Too funny! Love the tooth. Kinnick's teeth are hilarious. She has gaps between EVERY tooth. Not little gaps, I'm talking Madonna gaps, and they are yellow. It cracks me up when she smiles.

Jennifer said...

The trick for glasses glare is to shoot the picture from far away while zooming in.

Also, the red eye flash option makes the flash go twice, which also seems to help for some reason.

the cleaner the glasses are, the less glare there will be. But he was eating in this pic..so that is a different story!

Oh, and I am Delurking! I have read the blog for a while now, but I haven't commented yet. Liam is so adorable!

The Hull Munchkins said...

I just found your blog off someone else's and had to comment on how adorable Liam is!! I love his name too.

I had a 23 wkr 5 yrs ago. She has multiple special needs b/c of her prematurity. Preemies are so special and I love watching them grow and develop!


Phillip Davis said...

another solution to the glasses thing is to use a bounce flash - that is, to have a flash that you can point up toward the ceiling. you get the warmest, coolest pics that way... problem is, you have to have a speedflash and a camera that can take one... i've got a set up if you ever want to do a Liam photo op. ;-)