05 May 2009

So good to be home.

As much as I was looking forward to our trip and as much fun as it was, it is always good to come home! Not to mention that I was keeled over in pain on the drive home due to my back not liking the comfy hotel bed! Getting older sucks- my back doesn't like change! I can't imagine how it was in the old days to live as long as Methuselah.

We did some (ok, it was a lot) of shopping this trip. I had fun, for once, with it because it was the first time I have really needed to go buy clothes for Liam. He has gotten a lot of wonderful hand-me-downs and has never needed anything more than the occasional onesie from Wal-mart. So, it was fun for me to take him out and go shopping. I might have gone just a bit overboard but with the cheap prices and the usual change of clothes at least once a day (due to vomit), I will be able to only do his laundry once every 2 weeks! Yeah me!

Liam was able to stay healthy this trip and only came down with a snotty nose on the second to last day! What a change from the last three trips we took. The weather ended up turning rainy for the last two days, but the grass was green and the flowers in bloom, so we were able to see a lovely side of Virginia this time.

I promise I wasn't driving while we played together.

Liam was a willing participant in all of his sessions which was such a blessing! When he gets mad he tightens up his body and it's hard to get him to cooperate for therapy when he's stiff as a board. But with these sessions he allowed Carla to work with him and was (for the most part) relaxed and amiable.

I think the most important thing out of our weekend was that I was able to walk away from it with useful tools to help facilitate movement for Liam. The previous sessions we had were last year and he was still so tiny and less cognitively aware. Now that he is older, he was participating more and enjoying it so I was able to relax and absorb it in a way that I didn't before.

Grabbed his own feet!

Carla focused a lot on Liam's upper body. She did a lot of slow, methodical movement that centered on his relationship with his arms in accordance with his back and chest. All of these movements are done in order to retrain or re-map Liam's brain. We are trying to retrain the brain in order to get his muscles to respond instead of traditional therapy where you work the muscles and then hope to get the brain to respond.

The hardest part for me in all of this is that I don't know God's plans for Liam. Clearly we can't see the future so I don't mean "future" in that sense, but I'm referring to his mobility issues, cognitive delays, etc.

I feel like I walk a fine line between wanting to seek out the best for Liam at all costs and wanting to know when to just let go and let God show me what he is going to do. We can't bankrupt the family for therapy that might not even work for Liam. Yet, how do you know if you never try? What is the next step? Is there one?

For now, we will take each day as it comes and I will use what knowledge I gained in Virginia to work with Liam in a way that I hope is productive and positive. I'll throw in some of my regular PT's tips and tricks, some baby yoga and a little fun and try to help Liam get his head up and on top of his body. I am praying for Liam because God said to pray unceasingly. Does He answer our prayers? Absolutely. Does He know what's best? Without a doubt. Do we always get what we want? Nope. But, with God, all things are possible! Nothing is too difficult for Him.

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Stephanie said...

Jen - I am so glad your trip went well. I must say I could not have put it better myself. I feel torn everyday when it comes to Kennedy! Is what I am doing (i.e. therapy's, teaching sessions, doctors appointments, medicines) really working, does it make a difference. Or does God already have another plan for Kennedy! I feel that we are in such a hard position that most people just don't understand. I mean I would do anything for Kennedy to try and get her to hold a toy in her hand, follow my voice etc.....

It has been so nice finding you. I mean we only know one another threw a blog but I feel like we have such a deep connection!

Only the Sheppards said...

So glad the trip went well! Also glad you got some good tips! Any general advice you can pass along?

Oh, and very important... The clothes are ADORABLE!!! :)

Tiffany said...

I could have written that post myself. I don't know if I'm walking that fine line, or if I have crossed it. We have not been to ABM since January due to illness, and now I'm just not sure if I should. At the time, I felt it helped. But then I ask myself was it just time for that milestone?

BTW, have you stopped all traditional OT and PT?

Anonymous said...

praying for your little man!!!