27 May 2009

This was Liam a few hours ago due to a 100 degree fever. He just gets so cranky when he is running a fever. What's weird is that he gets a fever every now and then but it never progresses into anything and he never has any other symptoms. I guess I should be thankful...

Cuz this is how he was feeling just a few minutes ago.

Why yes, that is a pom pom on his head.

We had out first minor fiasco with his glasses this week. Ian went to pick up Liam out of his crib and noticed that his lens was missing on the left side. The frame was also popped apart and the screw was missing. We looked all over for it and couldn't find either one. I finally found them both under the blanket he had been laying on. I couldn't believe the screw was right there with it considering how itty bitty they are.

We got them all fixed up and that was that.

But the next day, when I was feeding Liam, his lens popped out again. I missed it happening so I don't know how he did it but I found the lens and the screw was gone. Because it was a holiday weekend the optometrist was closed and we couldn't find a repair kit at Wal-mart so Liam went for two days with no glasses. It was kind of interesting because it seemed to me like he was trying harder to focus and it made his esotropia a little less noticable. At least it wasn't a major issue because we only get one free repair on these.

And I'm still waiting to hear back from someone about getting his GI appointment. Sheez, you'd think we already had universal healthcare or lived in Canada or something!

Liam is back to being the little cranky pants in the first picture, so I better go get the Tylenol.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! Sorry about the glasses! We've already been through our free repair too. I think Casey popped his lenses out in the first two weeks! So you made it much farther than us! Strong little guys aren't they?

And I just wanted to mention that as far as fevers go, I used to get really high fevers as a kid-like 102-104 that would never progress to anything else-it would take a day or two to work its way out, but that would be it. My doctor told us that this was just my body's way of fighting something off-so perhaps that is what Liam is doing too. Which is good actually-I always knew exactly what to expect. And it hasn't changed-I'm still the same today. I hope he feels better soon. Poor little guy, but I love the pom pom pic! Take Care!

Michele said...

Aaahhhh...the old "mystery fever"! I too asked the doctor about them...Gina gets them ALL THE TIME...he did say that it was just their body's was of fighting off something. So...dont worry about it.
Sorry about the glasses. I am just waiting for the day that they tell me Kenny needs them...I am dreading it. It it is as bad as trying to keep his hearing aids in..ugh. The boy pulls them out ALL THE TIME. You'd think that he would be used to them by now...but NOOOOOO.
Anyhow. Hang in there...he's a sweetie and your a great mommy!