07 June 2009


Liam is sick...again. He started running a fever again yesterday morning and because it was almost 103 degrees and Saturday, I decided to take him in. I told the Dr that this was his second round of fevers in 2 weeks and that last month his white blood cell count was low so I was concerned.

I figured he would hear something in his chest or see something in his ears. He decided to go ahead and run a blood panel really quick and see what that showed since he had the "off"results last month.

He came back with the results and declared that I have one healthy boy.

His lungs sounded crystal clear, ears looked beautiful (his words) and his heart sounded lovely (my words).

And to top it all off...

Liam gained a half a pound this month!

I know.

I don't know how that happened either. He has been eating considerably less and since he has been sick he has vomited a lot too. He hasn't taken his night time 4 ounce bottle in weeks! Go figure. I have no idea how he managed to pull it off. But I am thrilled that he finally hit the 17 lb mark. 17 lbs 8 oz to be exact. Very cool. No g-tube this month.

So, I now have a declared healthy boy who seems anything but healthy. He is miserable. He cried all morning, won't laugh at any of the normally funny antics we do around here and he is sleeping. A lot. So, I guess the sleep is a good thing because it stresses me to have an inconsolable baby. But, then, it stresses me because he isn't up and feeling normal. Ugh. I just want him to get better fast.

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Rebecca said...

missed you today...sorry about your sweet little man...praying for him..and you! love, rebecca

23 weekers said...

So sorry to hear. I have no idea where these crappy viruses came from - they should be gone for the summer. Kinnick's just showed up out of nowhere. I'm so bummed. She's so sick. It's in her lungs again (as always). I thought we were getting past this stuff. All she does is sleep, gag on mucus, and cry. I feel so sorry for her. Wonder if Liam has the same thing, but his lungs are strong enough to keep the crud out of his lungs. I think Kinnick's paralyzed vocal cord allows extra junk to find it's way to the lungs. I've stocked up on Motrin and Tylenol and am hoping thing get better tonight. If not, I'm afraid that we're heading to the hospital.

I hope Liam feels better soon.