28 June 2009

Things I love

I love...

that Liam can sit in his high chair and watch my dad on the other side of the room and laugh as he waves at him.

that Liam can be on the outside of the trampoline and giggle with joy when he sees the kids jumping on it.

that Liam can anticipate me pouncing on his last little toe in "This Little Piggy" and squeal before I get there.

that Liam thinks it is the MOST hilarious thing to have his sister jump up in front of him while he is sitting in his car seat atop a shopping cart shouting L I A M !!!

that Liam grins when I ask him, "what does a kitty say...cow say... etc.

that Liam loves to play peek-a-boo with me.

that Liam smiles on his favorite pages of his books.

that Liam loves to play patty cake and anticipates the clapping.

that Liam loves kisses.

that when I bend over him in his crib, he smiles at me.

I could go on, but I bet you get the idea.


A few of those things that I love about Liam couldn't have happened a few months ago. Liam wouldn't have been able to see it.

Last week, my dad (who lives with us) was waving his newspaper at Liam who was across the room in his high chair. I was shocked when Liam started laughing at it. I could not believe that he saw it from that far away. It was such an exciting moment. I am not sure what he saw- but the fact that he saw it was fantastic! He laughed and laughed every time my dad flew that paper in the air.

It is such a gift to be able to lean down over Liam's crib and smile at him and have him smile back at me. He still doesn't make eye contact, but he now sees my face. Which is something I didn't know would ever happen. It's a gift I will never take for granted!

I love it!

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Only the Sheppards said...

I love this post :) You're such a blessed, inspirational mommy, and I'm so glad to get to know you!

Sassy said...

How exciting! This post almost brought tears to my eyes. You are such a great mom and I am so happy that Liam has made such progress in such a short amount of time. Go Liam go!!

AshleyS said...

this post made me smile. :)

BusyLizzyMom said...

I loved to hear it. What a whole new world for him.

gagglefamily said...