14 June 2009


I'm generally not a complainer (my hubby may disagree, but really. I am not.)

But I just had a few things on my mind lately that have been bugging me. Just a few.

In no particular order the things I have been slightly irritated at are:

Buying green bananas with the intention that they will ripen at home and allow them to last longer than if you bought the already bright yellow and ripened bananas only to have the bright green ones never ripen at all!

Boxes of granola bars only having 5 bars in a box! The box is square! There should be an even number of bars in there! Did they think we wouldn't notice! And then they charge the same price as a box with 6!

The jumbo size box of Huggies wipes has 448 wipes. Which is an even number of wipes. But there are only 7 packages of wipes. Again, Its A Square Box! There should be 8 packages in there!

Laundry detergent, dish soap, and cleaners going to "concentrated" formulas.

Onesies that say 18 months but when you get them home and wash them they are clearly now only about 9 mo.

Putting laundry on the floor beside your hamper. OR, trash on the floor beside the can. Towels on the floor beside their hook... You get the idea.

Deer eating my gorgeous flowers and plants that were intended to feed MY family.

Bickering children (MOM, Ian breathed on me!).

Telephone solicitors who can't pronounce my last name.

Walmart's Pharmacy.

This was just a few that are currently on my mind. Feel free to add your own to the list. I can't be the only (part-time) complainer! Right?

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23 weekers said...

You're not alone.... One of my biggest is not finishing a load of laundry. Nothing stinks more then walking to the laundry room to wash soiled baby clothes/bedding to find that someone washed a load and put them in the dryer (and they're still there), and started another load that is now finished. So, I get to fluff the stuff in the dryer, fold them, put them away, throw the stuff in the washer into the dryer, and THEN I can start MY load of laundry. It seems small, but for some reason, it really irritates me. Oh, another one.... someone takes the trash out, but never puts a liner in the empty trash can. I end up throwing something nasty into the trash can without the liner and then have to stop to clean the trash can and put a liner in it. Ok, I'm done.


Mimix4 said...

Ahhh calling your daughter and having one of the grandchildren answer the phone because mom is busy or they are on the other line and having them promising they will tell her to call me back. But, hrs later Mimi wondering why daughter has not called back has to call again and then finding out that grandchild forgot to tell mommy to call Mimi back. :)

Anonymous said...

Putting dishes next to the sink or piling them in the sink when the empty dishwasher is right below it. :)

Having an argument with someone who only seems to be hearing their end of the conversation..grrr.

And yeah, why are there only 7 packages of wipes in the box?-there is clearly room for more.

I better stop...have a good night! Lorena :)

Anonymous said...

I second that on Walmart's pharmacy and not putting dirty dishes in the empty dishwasher and not putting a new liner in the trash can. How about people who drive slow in the fast lane? Or not getting the right order in a drive thru? Or not replacing the toilet paper? I could go on and on...

Michele said...

OOOh..the toilet paper! You'd think, in a house with a lot of people (mine) that SOMEONE could/would replace a roll of toilet paper! Or...how about...
The kids never keeping their room clean...ever! I've thrown things out because I warned them if it was on the floor, it would get tossed...still doesn't stop them!
lol. Or...what about hot dog/hamburger bun ratio to actual hot dogs and premade hamburgers...why cant they match the numbers? We are always opening a new bun package and then they dry out or get tossed because they get wasted. Ugh, drives me nuts!!!
just a few...I have tons, but dont have the time to write them all. LOL. Have a good day!

BusyLizzyMom said...

My husband partailly closing our blinds during the day as someone may look in. We live in a court with 5 houses, who is going to look in? And what are they going to see? Nothing. It drives me bonkers. When he is home on the w/e he closes them, I open them, he closes them, I yell and open them it is endless.