10 September 2009

All in a day...

I never fail to open up my blog and grin when I see that adorable little boy on my header. And oh how that little boy loves to smile himself.

He loves to have blankets cover him and the other day, he was half asleep when I put his blanket on and he still smiled his little grin for me. And he always smiles the moment you lay him down on his back. It never fails to illicit a big grin from him.


Well, with all the g-tube hogging posts, I haven't posted on how Liam is actually doing with everything else these days.

Here is a quick run down.

He is definitely getting a lot stronger. He is able to balance himself for a bit in his bumbo seat before falling over and when he wants to he will push hard with his feet to straighten himself up in the seat. He can also do sit ups when lying flat on the floor. He bends into a V shape! Maybe I should take a hint and work with him to get my abs in shape.

He is still rolling from back to tummy on my bed...but still not able to transition that to the floor yet.

He is able to put toys in his mouth without automatically gagging and he is chewing them. I had no idea he could bite so hard until I accidentally got my finger between his teeth when he decided to chomp down.

He still talks a lot and seems to be doing more of it lately. Still no consonant sounds, but he does think it is funny when we move his mouth to say mama and dada. I can't wait to hear him say it all by himself. What a day that will be!

He is now loving a new video called Brainy Baby Right Brain. I am sure before long he will have his favorite scenes memorized and will be preempting the show with his giggles like he does on his Einstein videos. He is just as interested in this one as he is his Baby Einstein, so I am hoping this will transition him into even more dvd's for his viewing pleasure.

This is just a quick run down. I'd love to be able to say Liam is holding his head up, but even though he is getting stronger, he still isn't there. Yet!

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23 weekers said...

How exciting. He's doing great. Each step (big or small) is a step into the right direction. Does he like rolling around on a exercise ball? That seems to prompt head lifting in our house. Carver's head still get away from him. As he gets older, he seems to gain a little more control with it. We also try to show him things up a little higher, so he has to look up. His vision is very poor, so we use light up toys most of the time. We got some new switch toys - I'll have to post pictures. He can just press a big red button to activate the toys. It's great and he loves it.

Anonymous said...

So great to hear all the wonderful things your wonderful little man is doing! He sounds like a very very happy little boy :) Lorena