07 January 2010

Poking or non

As if our children don't get put through enough vaccinations these days, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Family Physicians have decided to modify the vaccination schedule again by including the following:

  • A recommendation that children older than 6 months receive the H1N1 influenza vaccine.
  • A newly licensed HPV vaccine for girls, known as HPV2, to protect them from cervical cancer, which can be caused by certain strains of HPV. Girls should get their first dose of either the HPV2 or the earlier HPV4 vaccine, which is still considered effective, around age 11 or 12.
  • A suggestion that a three-dose series of the HPV4 vaccine can be given to boys between 9 and 18 years old to prevent genital warts.
  • A statement that the use of combination vaccines are generally preferred over separate injections.
  • The need to revaccinate some high-risk children who have already received the meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4). Kids at high risk tend to be those with immune system disorders. Booster shots aren't recommended for those whose only risk factor is living in a dormitory setting, according to the new vaccine schedules.
Yes, well I will surely be running out shortly to get my 11 year old vaccinated against genital warts. Because they say I should.


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