28 January 2010


I headed to the pediatrician today to have her check Liam out. The site is not infected but his skin must be pretty sensitive and has gone into overdrive because of the sutures. Because both of the sutures had torn over 1/4" it was leaking and causing even more irritation and wasn't healing. She said it had been long enough and she could take out the sutures. He screamed as soon as she started touching him and for the entire time it took her to take the fishing line out.

You can see the big holes where the small sutures were. It has now fully scabbed over for the first time. The redness seems to be waning and he is feeling much much better now. He actually let me touch him tummy for the first time this afternoon without crying.

Now, I just need to get his reflux back under control. It has flared up something fierce since placing the tube.

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