18 January 2010


Because Liam exists in a world where he confounds even the most well trained and well practiced therapists, we have decided to trial something new. Again. Because ya never know what is going to work/help/sink in.... whatever.

Liam started Total Motion Release last week. In simplified terms, it's working the 'good' areas of the arms, legs, and trunk and stretching them. You don't work the weaker side. According to this new therapist, it's done amazing things for injured people. And because I have heard that before, I won't hold my breath. =) But still, since you never know what conduit God is going to use to help Liam, we thought we would try it out for a while. It's pretty easy to do and it requires a lot of hands on from me, which I do anyway. Liam is pretty flexible so he makes the work easier and he doesn't seem to mind doing it. Yet.

Well, I still have Liam scheduled for the g-tube on Thursday. But it seems the GI clinic doesn't have him scheduled. Sigh.

I have to call tomorrow to another office (the one the GI actually putting in the tube practices) and see if they know what's going on.

I am now fully mentally prepared for Thursday and ready to get this done. I'm praying I don't have to mentally prepare twice.

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