03 March 2010


There is an organization in NC for children with impaired vision called the Governor Morehead Preschool. This provides us a vision teacher who comes to our home twice a month (used to be every week but Liam 's vision is so much better now) and helps to give ideas on what things to do to help Liam. They also have an OT at the state level who will come visit only if requested by our vision teacher. We had Ms. Sue come last week to talk to us about Liam's eating. It was largely at her prompting that we chose to go the route of the g-tube so I was happy to visit with her and bounce ideas around.

She reiterated what I knew, which was that we need to make eating fun for Liam. But she went a bit farther than I was thinking and said that we should let him taste whatever we are eating. Be it barbecue sauce, pickle juice, or salsa, we should let him see it, touch it and then taste it.

My concern was that so much exposure to so many flavors would not be wise, but she said that he is the age now that little ones would be eating what we make, exploring lots of new tastes and because meals are a family affair, we should include him in them all.

Our foray into flavors this week consisted of oranges, maple syrup, spaghetti sauce, gravy, and more.

I'm not sure he is loving all the new flavors but at least he is always willing to give things a try.

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