14 March 2010

OT changes

I have given my OT a heart condition and she must take a 3 month leave of absence.

It's actually her love of kids like Liam and her desire to work with them more than she is able to that is giving her heart fits. She only has time to see Liam once a week and, bless her heart, her own kids are always sick meaning she misses usually one session a month with us.

Liam should be getting at least two sessions of OT per week.

We have loved our OT and enjoy having her work with Liam, but three months of no OT is too long to go.

Since her heart is all ferklempt now, we will be going to a clinic 45 minutes away for treatments. Grrrr. I hate having to drive that far! Having the therapy take place in our house has been a blessing. But, on the positive side, Liam will be getting two sessions a week from here on out. And that's a great thing.

And our first OT will still be checking in on us every now and then. Hopefully with a fully healed heart.

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