02 March 2010

No new helper...yet.

We still don't have an aid. I'm not complaining though.

My case worker came for a visit last week and when she heard about the first lady who came, well, she was ticked. She had told the agency that had sent Ms E. what I needed and couldn't believe they sent someone who didn't fit the bill at all. I told her they were trying to find someone else for me and she said that wasn't going to happen. She called them immediately after leaving my house and told them we didn't need their services.

I think I really like her.

We have another rep from a new agency coming to meet me and Liam tomorrow. He sounds like he knows what he is doing. By coming to meet us and get a feel for what I want and what Liam needs, he has a better chance of placing the right person sooner rather than later.

And I told him I was going to be picky. =)

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