09 March 2010

Trying something new.

I took Liam to a developmental pediatrician for the first time. We had never been told which developmental pediatrician to see. I didn't know they existed. In fact, we have never been told that we should even see one. Hmm.

Anyway, I took Liam to see this Dr. last week and really enjoyed my time with her. She put her hands on Liam and thoroughly checked him out. She got his entire history and she listened to all of my concerns.

She loved that Liam was blowing raspberries and was talking so much. She said that was a good sign.

She said that Liam was mostly affected by his CP on the top half of his body (which we knew) and that she felt like he wasn't able to hold his head up yet due to the lack of control on the top. She felt he had Chorea type movements and that they are what is mostly preventing him from gaining head control.

I don't know if she's right. If you read the type of movement that Chorea is, it says that the movements are purposeless. Liam's movements aren't purposeless. He tries to grab toys and he tries to sit up, he just can't yet.

She thought Liam might benefit from trying Artane. It was originally used as an antihistamine. It is a drug that can be used to help with muscle control, Parkinson's, stiffness, etc.

I know of some moms who have used it but they weren't able to continue on it because it gave their kids bad side affects (emotional behavior issues).

I told her we would try it and see how it goes. We have started him out on only 1/2 teaspoon twice a day and will see after a month if we have noticed any difference.

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