03 March 2010

GI follow up

I finally took Liam in to the GI for his post op check up.

They didn't harass me for being almost 2 weeks behind. =)

I actually got some really good information.

Liam is having major granulation tissue problems. It originally started at the one spot I showed you guys before and has spread all the way around the stoma. It makes his tube leaky and ugly looking. It definitely isn't the pretty one you see in the take home g-tube video!

I realized, after watching the Dr, that I do not use enough silver nitrate to head off the tissue. I was following Dr. Kid's example and just putting a bit on the edge of the tissue, being a bit too conservative. Dr. Gut slathered the entire stoma with the nitrate, numbing the skin in advance and sealing it to prevent any damage to healthy tissue. By the time we got home over half the tissue had sloughed off. Once we get the tissue down to a small size, I can keep it away with some steroid creme.

I also got to meet with our amazing nurse practitioner and the nutritionist who shared my concerns about Liam's continued use of Boost Kid Essentials for all of his caloric needs. I hate to admit that I only recently looked at the formula and noticed that the first two ingredients are water and sugar! I couldn't believe it! I've been feeding him this stuff for over a year!

They also set up a feeding schedule that will hopefully help him with not only his reflux but will help me take away the night time feeds. As it stands, I am feeding him 16 ounces while he sleeps! I am not fond of that idea at all, reflux can continue unabated through the night and feeding him stuff to reflux is not the greatest of ideas.

So, we are switching him to Nestle Compleat which is REAL food (real chicken stock, cranberries, etc) in a drinkable formula and we are going to take an hour to feed him 125 ml 6-7 times a day.

We are also upping his reflux meds for now and adding in some probiotics.

Hopefully these steps will keep him from vomiting so much.

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