24 June 2010


Our previous PT had mentioned a long time ago that she was interested in checking into e-stim for Liam but she didn't know enough about it for kids and wasn't aware of anyone around here doing it for children. My interest was piqued and I made a small mental note that it could be a possibility somewhere down the line.

When we started with the new agency last month the PT asked me if I would be interested in doing e-stim on Liam. I couldn't believe they knew how to do it and they were right down the road all this time. I wasn't sure if e-stim would help but having had it mentioned by two different PT's I figured it was worth trying.

Liam had his first e-stim session last week. It's similar to a tens machine in that you place the 4 pads on Liam's back and attach the 4 electrodes. The pulse sensation for Liam is supposed to be different than your average tens machine but in principle it does the same thing, it sends impulses into the nerves.

It is set at a very low range right now and we will slowly work up to longer and stronger pulses. While Liam has it on we work with him in the sitting position to try to facilitate lifting of his head and using his back to try to sit. He's actually doing fairly well on the lifting his head part. The goal is that it will help Liam register that he has back muscles and that he can use them.

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