17 June 2010

It's the small things that mean so much.

I can't believe I can say this...

Liam has been vomit free for 4 whole WEEKS!

It's insane, I know.

I never thought there would be a day in my life when I would celebrate a milestone of this nature.

Well, I never thought I'd have a kid that could vomit as much as Liam does either! Liam's reflux started out mild when he was so tiny but escalated to a level I didn't know could exist by the time he was 2. Luckily he took it all in stride, because I can't imagine what his throat looked like at times. It had to be raw.

After getting the g-tube in January Liam's reflux went into hyperdrive and I would end up in tears at times. We had to start feeding him his 4 ounces of milk over an hour at a time, by pump, just to settle his stomach and let him adjust to his new anatomy. He started to settle down and quit vomiting for a couple of weeks on this routine (which I thought was the end of the vomit woes) when he got a fever that set his reflux back on the course that would rival a college kid on a weekend binge. The fever was mild, he didn't act sick, yet something happened to his gut because the reflux flared up and he wouldn't quit vomiting even though the fever had gone.

While doing our last round of hbot, Liam would show off his projection skills when we would get to the chamber. It's such a blessing to be around other moms of kids with issues because no one bats an eye at this kind of behavior. Anyway, three quarters of the way through our dives Liam started to quit vomiting. And by the last week, he hadn't vomited at all. I continued on hour feeds until about another week home when I decided to finally try bolus feeding him (feeding him all of his milk at one time by letting gravity push it in). And he's been doing great ever since! Not only is he now vomit free, I am finally able to feed him 4 ounces at one sitting.

I don't want to say we've made it. But it's looking that way!

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