08 June 2010

The last MM post. I promise.

Although I'm way behind because I have already been home for 2 weeks today, I did want to highlight the last weekend we had at MM!

We tried to cram in as much as we could again, not only for our last free Sunday, but to be with several of the families we grew to love over the course of treatments.

Sunday morning had me and Laura heading high up into the mountains on a road that we thought would never end. When we finally reached the top we were at Hawk's Nest Resort where we took to the zipline and completed the longest zipline on the east coast! Rylie and Laura's dad Mark watched over Liam, Jon, and Leah while we went zippin' through the trees. We had such a great time and I'm so glad we got to go. Our next goal is the longest line on the west coast! Ha!

Then Rylie and Liam and I went for some hiking fun at Moses Cone Manor while Laura was going to take her kids horseback riding. But Laura and crew showed up there too to hike since they couldn't find the horses.

They have a shop at the manor that supports local artists. Rylie and I loved trying on their hand made hats.

After the manor, Laura and I split up. But, then we ended up again at a local kids park to let the boys play. Liam loved their swings and seesaw. They had two disability swings and I sat in it and spent over half an hour just swinging with Liam. I also took him for his first slide run. =)

Our last two nights were spent eating out and hiking some more with Laura and crew to the top of Mount Jefferson. The views were gorgeous. It's amazing how small and insignificant one can feel when viewing the world from that height. For me, it makes God's presence so much more tangible.

I am so grateful for the trip to the mountains for hbot. While I did have a great time in the off hours, the purpose for being there was for Liam to receive more help. I am so excited about the changes we have seen in Liam already. For the first time Liam is trying to use his back when I sit him on the floor. He normally falls over and still does...the fact that he is trying every now and then to get up is good news. He loves to read his books and when we put them in front of him and he falls over he works so hard to get back up. He's trying and that's what's important.

I've also noticed an increase in his 'talking' which is so cute to hear. For the first time ever, he talked all through the store tonight. He normally becomes quiet in his stroller (he hates being strapped into anything) and listening to him tonight was sweet music to my ears.

Here's what the chamber at Miracle Mountain looks like that helps my little guy to achieve miracles and milestones:

And this is Liam's buddy Jon:

Two peas in a pod, they are... Both born too soon, both survived against the odds and both face life long challenges. But they are the happiest kids you'll ever meet.

Liam considered dragging Jon home:

Those are the highlights of a trip made possible by our amazing friends and some of the results of oxygen treatments. So far. I know there's more exciting stuff for Liam right around the bend.

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