31 May 2010

Packing it in

For our second weekend in the mountains the rest of our family joined us. Having all of us in a trailer was quite a fun experience and Shawn and I didn't sleep the entire time they were visiting. My 6' 1" husband, myself and sometimes Liam in a full size bed was not an easy task. One night we had a severe storm come through and we lost power for hours. We didn't have anything for light and it was really dark. We had to borrow light up toys from Laura to be able to see!

We did get to spend the entire day on Sunday hiking and taking photos:

The Lump Overlook

Cascades Waterfall

Hiking the Linn Cove Viaduct trail.

Flat Rock Trail

Mystery Hill

Found the house and land we want to buy.

Pure exhaustion.

Can you believe we did all of that in one day!?

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