12 May 2010

Signs of encouragement

When you come somewhere with the hopes that a treatment might have the key to unlocking something for your child, you might look a little too closely for some positive sign that changes are taking place.

Which is what I really try NOT to do.

But sometimes you just can't help it. Any sign of anything is a big deal.

And I don't want to ever stop believing that God is able.

So, what's new with Liam?

He is regularly giving me and Rylie a "high five"! It's his version, not exactly an open hand high five, but what's so awesome is that he is trying to do it. And for the most part, when he tries, he's getting our hand.

He actually clapped his hands once this week when I asked him too. He knows what it means to clap his hands, he just can't physically do it but he is finally loosening up some in his shoulders and chest to get his arms in front of him and when I asked him to clap he did it. We are working on trying to get him to do it more often.


I was talking to Shawn today and as always when Liam saw the phone he wanted to hear his dad talk to him. I leaned down to give him the phone and I got distracted talking to Shawn again. As I was talking to him Liam started to whine and then cry (which HE never does) because he wanted to talk on the phone! As soon as I bent down and gave him the phone he started to get excited and was smiling from ear to ear.

That's huge!

Know why?

Liam was communicating!!

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