04 May 2010

Back in the tank again.

Sorry for the post delay. It's been over a week since my last post which is highly unusual for me!


Liam and I arrived at Miracle Mountain on Sunday to start our next round of hbot. And we brought Rylie with us this time!

From May 2nd to May 25th we will be here in the mountains of NC again. Liam completed his first two dives yesterday. We only have 38 more to go. =)

This trip is somewhat bittersweet as we have been informed that MM might not be running any longer. Issues with staffing and the owners being in their twilight years means the hassles are outweighing the benefits. Of course, they know how much this place means to a lot of people and are considering running it for a few months out of the year instead of the 8-9 months that they have previously done.

Bob, the owner has had a very rough year. His dad, his daughter, and a good friend all passed away within months of each other and his wife's sister suffered a major stroke yesterday that it does not appear she will recover from. Yet, they still can smile and trust Jesus through it all.

Liam is doing well so far. Please keep us in your prayers for healing with the oxygen and that he would stay healthy in order to complete all the dives. His smile is cracking everyone up here..he's always so happy. He has a light that shines wherever he goes.

Yesterday Bob (affectionately known as Uncle Bob to all the kids) came up to Liam while I was holding him. Liam was looking the other way when Bob's booming voice said "Hey Buddy!" Liam startled and then turned his head toward Bob. Bob then asked Liam for a high five and Liam grinned his big grin and shot his hand up in the air to give Bob a high five.

It was absolutely adorable.

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