05 July 2010

The 4th

I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July! This was to be Liam's first year going to 'see' the fireworks show. We took the kids here:

There were relatively few people considering the view it afforded us. We found a spot to claim for ourselves and spent the latter part of the evening all alone on the edge of the pier and watched the sunset. As twilight fell, Liam started to fuss and before I knew it he was sound asleep tucked inside my jacket and the fireworks hadn't even begun yet. He slept through the entire show. =( Maybe next year.

As we were leaving, it was extraordinarily dark. I was carrying Liam along these piers going as slow as I could to keep my balance all while helping my mom navigate her way as well. When we got to the section which had one of the ladders to climb down some people saw me carrying Liam. They shouted out that we were there, and everyone stopped what they were doing, shined a light on the entire area and made sure we all made it safely down. The kids talked about that moment several times after we got home. It was definitely a neat feeling to see everyone make sure that someone had our backs out there.

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