26 July 2010

Books for special people

By being considered legally blind, even though Liam has some aspects of vision, means he qualifies for a program called the Seedlings Braille Books Book Angel Program.

Every year, qualified kids like Liam, can apply to receive two books completely free of charge. These books have been outfitted with braille type in order for blind children to have access to books that they can read.

They have a large list of books to choose from and I usually check with Amazon to see if any of the books listed would be visually appealing to Liam. Because Liam is 'blind' he loves to look at bright books, books with out busy backgrounds or pale colors and books that have a sensory aspect to them (noise or touch).

This is Liam's second year to receive the braille books.

We received Good Morning, Good Night which has textured pages and big pictures of animals which Liam loves to look at. And What Do You Say which is right up Liam's alley because he knows all the animals sounds.

You can see the braille type on the photo if you look closely.

Liam loves to feel the braille. I have to hold his arm in place so he can explore with his fingers but he loves to take his fingers and touch it. Whether he needs to read braille someday or not, with this book program it gives his senses something else to explore.

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